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Browsing the Internet Irresponsibly  

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FInding the WEIRDEST Wikipedia Has to Offer. 

Do you have insomnia? Very little self-esteem? Do you find yourself on the internet at 3am, trolling through page after page of useless information on Wikipedia? Well fear not! You’re about to get your first good night’s sleep in 7 years my friend, cause the boys over at (un)Featured Articles are here to do it all for you. That’s right! Every week James, Riley and Kurtis will trawl through the most intense, weird and pointlessly detailed Wikipedia articles they can find, with a hefty amount of good time comedy jokes thrown in for good measure, all so you stop wasting so much time on the internet. What will you do with all that free time? Should probably talk to your kids. They haven’t seen you in three years.     

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The Hosts

Kurtis Laing

Kurtis Laing is a Brisbane based performer, writer, director and producer of note. And by ‘note’ he does mean the frenzied scribbles of rejection by those souls poor enough to have ever received his artistic application. Such scribbles include phrases such as “Blacklisted” and “this isn’t worth the exposure bucks” and “he’s so bland I wished for a drip-feed injection of hot vindaloo.”

This can sometimes make Kurtis sad. Especially considering he really doesn’t like Indian food. And yet when times seem hardest, when projects fail and relationships fade Kurtis knows that one final, great bastion of humanity will stand. Time immemorial Wikipedia will stand; a never-ending wormhole that makes you hate yourself at 3am when you suddenly realise you’ve got your last lecture for a subject and you haven’t yet been to one. Yeah. That’s Wiki. That’s home. That’s Johnny Walker Blue.

James Kehoe

A long-time purveyor of internet oddities, James has - like many in his age bracket - spent much of his life travelling blissfully from one screen to another. He is a master of social scenarios, noted in particular for his knowledge of the perfect moments at which to excuse himself to the bathroom in order to casually leave a conversation. He currently studies Drama and IT at university, a combo which he's constantly informed is an “interesting mix”.


Riley is a Brisbane-based actor, sometimes writer and now, as a lover of trying out new things, the host of a podcast. You may wonder how he juggles all of these endeavours and still manages to produce good, exciting work? Well fear not because we are privy to that answer ladies and gentlemen, and the answer is that he does not. You see, in addition to these aforementioned accolades Riley is also a master procrastinator, and thus no stranger to the Wikipedia deep-dive. He comes to the table bristling with excitement, although slightly annoyed that he has to find other forms of slacking off now wikipedia is considered actual research.